Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here we GO one more time ....

So here we go again! I feel like my post are HUGE because I don't keep up! And this isn't everything!

So this is my FAVORITE group again! Our proffesor took us to CPK for lunch! It was so nice of her! As you can see we had so much fun!

This was are last day at the Magellan Clinic. This is an out patient mental illness facility! It was really neat because we were able to do home visits and assess our patients in their own environment. I did enjoy it and it felt really good to help patients out in a better way for them, however, I DO NOT want to be a psych nurse!

This was such a neat experience. As a group we cam together and did a service project for the child crisis center. As some of you know, my family has done a lot of work for the child crisis center as far as collecting items for need through different drives. The neat thing with this project is that we were able to go inside and work with the kids. It really put into perspective how many individuals are in need right now and how many services we can give. I felt so overwhelmingly blessed as I helped theses kids who had such a rough life. To say the least is was an AMAZING experience.

This is Nate and I attempting to take a good picture on my phone for the background! This one did NOT make the cut! haha

We went bowling with Lacy and Steffan! We had so much fun! Steffan tried to tell us it had been years since he had bowled and that he wasn't any good .... pahahaha LIAR! We know you were practicing all day long! He almost scored 200!

So I'm not sure if I've written that Nate got a new job .... but HE DID! I was so excited for him! He is a Medical Equiptment sells rep. It has been so fun ot see him so excited about work! Cleaning carpets was way over due! So this picture was him leaving for his training in Salt Lake. I was so sad to see him leave. Believe it or not .... in a year and a half we had never left eachother over night ..... I totally cried like a little girl, lame I know!

On the 4th of July we went shooting in the desert! It was really fun! It was the first time Nate and I had gone outdoor shooting. We had gone to place where you can shoot, but not inside. Here's all of us having way too much fun!

Nate didn't want me to pic this picture on! I think it is so funny! He looks like a dork! He doesn't really shot like this! He is just always our entertainment no matter where we go! If only I could be funny like him!

We had to do an orientation for the VA before we could do anything. So here we are bored and having way to much fun to pass the timw! Man I loved this group!

We had breakfast at my proffesor Janice's house! We had a lot of fun as usual!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Going Back in Time

Okay ... Hold on to your breath! Here we go from most present to the least! This is all the way from May ... So it may take a little while .... but hey, at least I am updating!

So this picture below is my practicing for school. I put an IV into a banana! For those of you who have ever experienced nursing school ... You know how I feel! Now I have don 5 IV's in patients! Can you believe it! I'm well on my way! This is my all time favorite group! We have a blast together!

This was in the Cath Lab! It was so neat to see a pacemaker put in! Technology ceases to amaze me!

Good Ole' Brian! His wife just had their first Little Girl! Congrats Brian and Welcome little Hannah!

This is my all time favorite proffesor! I LOVE Janice! She is the kindest person I know and the best Nurse ever! She is so good at what she does!

For my Dad's Birthday we went to a D-backs Game and after is was over Trace Adkins had a concert! He plays one of my all time favorite songs so I loved it!

While I was on break Hunter and Kenli cam to ride horses with me at my house! It was so much fun! Hunter loved it ... but was ready to go inside and watch a movie! You gotta love it when it takes 20 minutes to saddle a horse and then 10 minutes to ride and 10 minutes to unsaddle!

Nate and I went on the best little vacation during my break. We went back to Nate's HOMETOWN! It was really neat to see what his roots were like! I loved it! It was a really neat experience for me and a great one for Nate.

While Nate was on his mission, his Dad passed away from a heart attack. It was a really hard time, as you can imagine, and I have really missed knowing my Father-in-Law. Well this was a really neat trip to be able to go to his grave site, and a hard one at the same time! Below is a picture of a memorial made in Honor of Nate's Dad Ken Peterson. He was Kern County Supervisor for 10 years and loved Rose bushes. So they placed 10 Rose bushes around the plaque below! He was an Amazing Man and I am so grateful for the mazing son he raised! I am blessed to know small glimpses of his life

While we were in California .... Nate and I stayed with Kenny and Emily! They were so kind to let us come and take up their time before moving! We went to Six Flags and had a BLAST! As I am sure you can tell by the pictures!

Nate and I took Dallin and Landon to a D-Backs game ... courtesy of my Aunt! We were on the 4th row! The seats were amazing! Not to mention the serious collision on first base with Co-Jack on his birthday! It was Crazy!

I can't believe I missed my lovers birthday! I can't believe I didn't find the time to make a post! CAN I TELL YOU I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH MY HUSBAND! He is the most amazing man I have ever know! I wake up every morning feeling so blessed to be waking up next to him! He makes me want to be so much better in every aspect of my life! He also is the kindest and funnest person I have ever met. Anyone that know him ... LOVES HIM! He is always the life of the party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

So my cute little niece Kenli had here first birthday in April and it was GREAT. I have never seen a one year old eat so much cake! She would just grab on to the sides and stick her face in and EAT! If Meili hadn't of taken it away, I think she would have eaten the whole thing! I love it! She is the cutest thing ever!