Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I wish I had pictures!

So I really quick have to write this down because I thought it was so funny! So Nate gets out this carton of Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate! My favorite! So he starts eating it and giving me bites every once in a while. Then he went in the kitchen and had something in his hand! ... here's how it went ...

C: Nate what so you have in your hand?

N: nothing!

C: no really ... what do you have in your hand!

N: Nothing!

Then the battle to find out what is in Nate's hand begins !

C: it's m&m's! I saw them!

N: no you didn't!

C: yes I did!

N: ... dumps the whole bag of m&m's in the carton of our favorite ice cream!

C: oh my gosh! Why would you do that? you ruined the ice cream!

N: no I didn't! just taste it!

C: ... walks over to the sink and starts to dump the m&m's out!

N: no!!!!!! ... put's his hand out to catch them.

C: don't ruin the ice cream ... as we a laughing for some odd reason!

N: i didn't!

C: ... trying to dump the rest of the m&m's ... half the ice cream dumps into a bowl in the sink that is full of water!

N: Oh my gosh (with the little boy look of the worst thing that could ever happen!) look at what you have done! You ruined the ice cream! I can't believe you did that! (Trust me I saw the tears begin to pool!)

C: Sorry!!!!!

N: fine I get the rest of the carton because you ruined it! (with absolute determination!)

C: No you don't! You ate the whole thing!

N: No I didn't! You dumped out the whole thing!

So then I proceed to run with the carton to stop Nate from getting it!

N: ... reaches his hand in and garbs the ice cream out of the carton! Then begins shoving it in his mouth!

C: ... laughing historically as he runs over to the sink and eats it all out of his hand!

N: i told you I got the rest of it!

So you may not think this story was that funny ... however ... I was dying with laughter! I have the cutest husband in the whole world! there is never a dull moment in our lives! We have way too much fun together and I love it!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

So I guess I still have some luck!

So I figured the best way to spread the news was on the blog ... since most of my family have one! So I just found out I was accepted into ASU's nursing program! I am so excited for this new adventure! Can you tell how excited I was! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to advance in school! I know that I couldn't have done it with out my Heavenly Father's help!

So who do you think won?

So I know that both Nate and I's birthdays were forever ago but I have really wanted to put up these pictures because I think they are so funny! So to explain ... my family has a tradition of decorating your door on your birthday! So of course on Nate's birthday I had to! Well This is what I did!

Can you hear me ROAR!?!?!

So this is the best part! Nate totally had to show me up ... and of course he did!
The crazy thing about this picture is that I am completely leaning on it! It wouldn't break because it was so thick! Nate really went out of his way to give me the best birthday ever!

Having Fun!

We went bowling with my family a while ago and I couldn't figure out how to put the pictures on with our new computer ... but I figured it out!!!

This is Nate and I being goof balls as usual!

So this picture is so funny because we are all in the bowling ally doing a handstand competition! Yeah I know! CRAZY! We like to keep others wondering about us!

This is the cutest girl you'll ever see! I love her so much! I think Kenli looks so cute in this outfit! Do you think she looks like her aunt?