Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hip Hip HORRAY!!!!!!

YAY! I want to just brag about my dear sweet Husband right now! I just can't even begin to tell you how in love I am with him! I thought I loved him so much when we got married ... but my love for him as grown so much! He is amazing! As I started school this semester, he knew how worried and stressed I was and he has been so kind and supportive! He even has been doing all the laundrey and cleaning for the last week! Then when I got this computer he took his whole day off to set it up for me so that I would be good to go for school! Every day he takes an opportunity to serve me and I don't think he knows how much it means to me! I truely do love him so much and am so grateful for him!

I also am so proud of him! He graduated in December after a LONG four years of college! He worked so hard and I am so proud! This is a cake my amazing sister in law made for him! Isn't it great! i just love it!

Not too many people look hot in their graduation gown ... but BABY YOU LOOK HOT!!!!

Couldn't have been happier!

The big moment! It took Nate like 2 weeks to actually believe that he graduated!

Nate with his mom who helped him so much through school! And everything else! She is amazing and we love her so much!

Nate with my mom! She did a TON for the graduation. If I said ... oh I need to do this or go pick this up ... she'd do it before I had a chance! Not to mention the great food she made! We are so thankful for all the help!
I just think this picture is SO cute!
Our WHOLE FAMILY came for the graduation! None of you know how much that meant to us! Our family is so supportive in every way! They have no idea the gratitude Nate and I have for each of you! We hope and pray that you feel feel of our love and gratitude! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE FOR EVERY PART OF OUR LIVES! It means everything to us to have you there!
I think the ASU wrapping paper is dang cute!

Finally!!!!! It's Christmas...

So I know it has been FOREVER since I have put any new posts .... This is the problem. Nate and I moved a couple of weeks ago and we don't have the internet! So I'm sure you see the problem ... all our pic's were on the desktop that doesn't have internet! Well for school I got a new laptop and my dear sweet husband put the pic's on! So I am at my moms house picking up her signal and catching up on life!

Here is our cute first Christmas tree! It was so fun to decorate our our! My grandparents gave us a 9 footer, but it was too big! So we figured this would work!

This is Christmas day! We felt so blessed to get things from our families! It was such a great Christmas! Nate's Mom got us a wheat grinder! We love it!

My parents got all the boys and Kayla a remote control Transformers helicopter! That is now Nate's favorite toy! He loves to fly it while I am on the phone. This is because I will be talking and then all the sudden I feel a helicopter run into the back of my head! He still laughs every time!

Us in our matching attire! Don't we look just fabulous! GO DEVILS!!!!!

This is Hunter going for a horsey ride on Landon!

Christmas Day spent on the tramp! We all had a fun time laughing and jumping! Yay!

Karisa and Tiana holding Kenli girl!
Do they look intense or what!
Talk about jammin' out! Who do you think played better?